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Refined FT wax

Product Description:

Refined Fischer-Tropsch wax series products are made from Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax produced by domestic coal-to-oil manufacturers as raw materials, and are prepared through pretreatment, short-range distillation, adsorption/hydrogenation purification, granulation molding and other processes.

Fischer-Tropsch wax is mainly composed of straight-chain alkanes (normal paraffin content is more than 90%). Compared with traditional petroleum waxes, it has a high melting point, low oil content, small penetration, hard and wear-resistant, almost free of sulfur, nitrogen, Aromatics and other impurities are mainly used in hot melt adhesives, PVC heat stabilizers, wax-based ribbons, water-based wax emulsions, plastic processing lubricants, masterbatch dispersants, inks, coatings and other fields.