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Company profile

Zhejiang Grand Star Chemistry Co., Ltd. is located in China New Chemical Materials (Jiaxing) Park.

The company’s new project for 30,000 MT/Year Refined Fischer-Tropsch Wax and 10,000 MT/Year Propionic Acid will be put into production in September 2020.

The refined FT wax plant adopts the leading technology independently developed by the company, and can produce FT wax with congealing point of 45 ℃ to 105 ℃ and accurate carbon distribution range.

At the same time, the plant is equipped with a series of chemical modification equipment, which can produce synthetic microcrystalline wax with different isomerization degree by hydroisomerization of FT wax, as well as oxidized FT wax, oxidized microcrystalline wax, oxidized paraffin, oxidized polyethylene wax with different acid value and saponification value can be produced by non-catalytic oxidation.

The company is equipped with test devices for purification and separation of FT wax, with the treatment capacity of 2kg / h and 30kg / h respectively. The existence of small and medium-sized test devices can explore the operating conditions for the production of refined waxes with special requirements of users, and then mass production can be carried out through the large-scale plant, thus creating favorable conditions for product customization.           

The pilot plant (medium-sized test device) has been running stably for one year, producing refined FT wax products for analysis and trial use by users.           

In addition, the company's original 80,000 MT / Year plasticizer (DOP / DPHP) plant is produced all year round.