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Synthetic MCW

Product Description:

This series of products are produced by Fischer-Tropsch wax as raw materials, through hydrogenation isomerization, short-range distillation, and hydrogenation purification. At present, there is no such product on the market, which is the first domestic and foreign.

Comparison between synthetic microcrystalline wax and petroleum microcrystalline wax:

Petroleum Microcrystalline Wax

 -The chain length distribution is C25~C80, and it is solid at room temperature;

 -Composition: normal paraffins, isoparaffins with various branches, cycloparaffins with long side chains and small amounts of aromatic hydrocarbons;

 -The content of isoparaffins and naphthenes is usually between 40 and 70%.

Synthetic Microcrystalline Wax

 -The carbon length distribution is C20 ~ C120, and it will form an ointment until solid at room temperature;

 -Free of cycloalkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons and condensed ring aromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygenates and heavy metal ions;

 -The content of isoparaffin is 30~90%;

 -It is possible to produce microcrystalline wax products with specified characteristics and fully adjustable drop melting point by changing the process conditions, which is unmatched by petroleum microcrystalline wax, and can realize customized production.

The product is widely used in rubber protection, electrical insulation, automotive glazing, emulsified explosives, hot melt adhesives, water-based wax, special resins, masterbatch, craft candles, cultural and educational supplies, beekeeping, precision casting, paper making, textiles, food , Cosmetics, medicine and other industries.

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